Assembled bar. To understand how the reverse thread and normal thread of the center chunk works you should take it apart to see for yourself. Thread both bars all the way into the center chunk.

On the 92 there is a carpet cutout, all you have to do is pull and you don't have to cut a hole.

Dave's 89 didn't have the cutout, however the threaded hole was there and should be on any year.

Remove the seat belt bolt (14mm) and remove the lock washer from the seat belt bolt. You can try to reuse the cardboard piece but it has a 50/50 chance of coming apart. You will want to keep the tall washer as it helps you rotate the seat belt. Now thread it back in on one side only with the bar in place. Pull out the 14mm bolt from the bag and put the lock washer then the flat washer on it and thread it into the same side as the seat belt.

Here is where the differing threads work. Rotate the center chunk with the provided tool, going from the seat to the center console (you still want the two nuts on the center chunk and not flush with the bar as pictured). This will push both bars out allowing you to get the other side flush. Continue loosening the center chunk until you feel some strong resistance, you don't want it too tight yet or you won't be able to get the bolts on the other side in. Now repeat step 4.

Once all 4 bolts are in tighten the f*ck out of the center chunk to preload the bar. I nearly destroyed my tool preloading mine but it was worth it :) With the center chunk where you want it spin the two nuts to the end of the bar and tighten them a little. You don't have to gorilla them on, just snug them tight.

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