The Links Section

Here are some links that I have checked out regularly and use, from supra sites, to measurement conversions.

Supra Links

  •  Supra Sites
  Supras Owners Groups International ( SOGI )
         SONIC  Reg Riemer and his huge collection of info  The 82-86 mkII supra site
         Celica XX  Another 82-86 mkII supra site  The 86.5-92 mkIII supra site  The 93-98 mkIV supra site

  •  US Supra Groups

         Northeast Chapter of SOGI
         Northwest Chapter of SOGI
         Southeast Chapter of SOGI
         Southwest Chapter of SOGI
         Kentuckiana Supras Group
         Arizona Supras Group
         Ohio Supras Group

  •  Other International Supra Groups

         Toronto Supras Group
         UK Supras Group
         New Zealand mkIV Supra Group
         Japanese - Starting Point Main  The Toyota Supra Owners Club
         Japanese - Starting Point in Nagoya  A Section of the SOC
         Japanese - Supras Owners Club in Kyusyu  A Section of the SOC
         Japanese - Supreme  Celica XX & Supra Owners Club

  •  Other International Supra Sites

         Japanese - Marcy Auto Imports  All generations of Supras
         Japanese - Model 70 Owners Network  Awesome mkIII site
         Japanese - Infinite Rendezvous   Great mkIII site
         Japanese - Restive Horse  Another great mkIII site
         Japanese - Celica XX  A site on the mkII
         Japanese - Breakout  Supra Site

    Supra Retailers and Manufacturers Links

  •  more to come......soon, I tell ya

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