My 1985 Toyota Supra

   Welcome to the Section of my Supra Site dedicated to my beloved 1985 Toyota Supra. This was my first Supra, but my third Toyota. Loving the ergonomics and reliability of toyota, it was not hard to figure out what to buy when it came to a sports car.

   It feels like I have owned it forever after going through so many other supras to this day, but when it comes down to it, this one is my baby. After buying the car, I spent very little time doing anything other than cleaning and driving her. Once a few years went by, I started looking for supra performance parts and started filling my pool table with parts. Which is now a tradition every winter when the cars are in storage. While the parts hunt was in full effect, I sent it off to be painted. The car was not in bad shape, but as I became intoxicated by her, I wanted it PERFECT. It then became a disease, everytime I looked at her in the body shop, I saw something else it needed. Spot of rust? Replace it! Broken tab? Replace it! It ended to the tune of $6,500. Maybe that sounds silly to you, but I had the money, and already had everything for the car that I wanted at the time, so why bother not doing it right? Doing it right barely happens anymore.
   Fast forward to today (11/14/00) I have finally found am extra turbo supra that has the 7mgte so I can drop it into the 85. This was all needed after running my 87 supra over the last year with boost. I am going to finish my 87T before I restart this project, but it will happen. The first time I saw a mk2 supra in a magazine was a very early issue of Turbo Magazine and It featured the King himself, Reg Reimer. After drooling on that article for a while, I knew what direction my 85 supra would take. Once you feel boost, there is no turning back, especially once I got used to 1.4 bar ( ~20 psi)... A picture page of the progress to 7mgte will be availible soon, but for now, please enjoy.

 The day all the suspension work was done, and the rims were fitted

  • Many more pictures of my 85 supra. *UNDER CONSTRUCTION*
  • The 7mgte transplant will begin soon.(Future picture gallery)

    Here is a run down to what I have done so far:
  • HKS funnel type air filter
  • Gude cams
  • Pacesetter header and exhaust
  • During the repair of a blown head gasket I rebuilt the head with all new Toyota parts, and had the head shaved.
  • Suspension Techniques lowering springs and sway bars front and rear
  • Tokico shocks and struts
  • KVR crossed drilled cadnium plated rotors
  • KVR carbon fiber pads
  • KVR yellow teflon coated braided stainless steel brake lines front and rear
  • Rebuilt all calipers, and painted them with yellow epoxy from Germany
  • Had 17's custom made - 17x7 front, 17x8 rear
  • Yokohama AVS intermediates, 215/40ZR17 front, and 235/40ZR17 in the rear
  • During replacement of suspension and brake parts with the after-market items, I replaced every bolt, nut, bearing, backplates, ect ect, with genuine Toyota parts
  • Run all AMSoil synthectic fluids
  • A 4 way electronicly crossed-over car audio system
  • I have the leather interior , and am loving it

    It WAS done.....Sorta....maybe:)

    The saga continues.....

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