Fluid capacities, torque values & basic information
All of this is Toyota's recommendations, not my own

Engine Oil
Recommended viscosity: 20-100F 15w40-20w50, 0-80F 10w30-10w50, 50F and below 5w30
Dry fill: 5.2qts
Drain and refill with filter: 4.7qts
Drain and refill w/o filter: 4.3qts
Dry fill: 5.7qts
Drain and refill with filter: 5.0qts
Drain and refill w/o filter: 4.7qts

Valve clearances
Intake: .006-.010" (.15-.25mm)
Exhaust: .008-.012" (.20-.30mm)

Cooling System
7M-GE w/W58: 8.6qts
7M-GE w/A340: 8.5qts
7M-GTE w/R154: 8.7qts
7M-GTE w/A340: 8.6qts

Manual Transmision Oil
7M-GE W58: 2.6qts (75w90 or 80w90 recommended)
7M-GTE R154: 3.2qts (75w90 recommended)

Automatic Transmission Oil
Dry fill: 7.6qts
Drain and refill: ~1.7qts

Rear Differential Oil
All: 1.4qts
Viscosity: above 0F SAE 90w, below 0F SAE 80w or 80w90

Spark Plugs
Gap: .043" (1.1mm)
Stock plugs: ND PQ16R or NGK BCPR5EP11
Gap: .031" (.8mm)
Stock plugs: ND PQ20R-P8 or NGK BCPR6EP-N8
Alternative plugs: Autolite 3923 or 5503 (copper)

Wheels & Brakes
Lug Torque: 76 ft/lbs
Fluid: Dot 3
Minimum pedal clearance when depressed: 3.1" (80mm)
Pad wear limit: .04" (1mm)
Parking brake adjustment: 5-8 clicks

Length: 181.9" (4620mm)
Width: 68.7" (1745mm)
Height: 51.6" (1310mm)
Wheelbase: 102.2" (2595mm)
Vehicle Capacity (occupants + luggage): 725lb (329Kg)
Bore x Stroke: 3.27" x 3.58" (83mm x 91.0mm)
Displacement: 180 cubic inches (2954cc)